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I’m Not a Poet. But I Should Care About These Things.

It's been eleven weeks. Even two fainting spells today couldn't keep me down. || I'm Not a Poet

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Crafting 100 Unique Characters (the 3-trait method)

Hi. My name is RJ. I have an addiction to character creation. With over 200 characters in my Big Book of Imaginary People (yes, I do have a real notebook like that,) you can say I might have a problem. Create Quickly When you’re in the first stage of creating a cast for your novel,… Continue reading Crafting 100 Unique Characters (the 3-trait method)

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Writing the Weather Pt. 2: Descriptive Words & Phrases

Hi, all. Last Thursday we touched on bringing the weather to life in your stories. As promised, today I have put together a few lists of words, phrases, and actions to help you describe the weather in your stories. This is by no means a complete list, and so I hope as you read through… Continue reading Writing the Weather Pt. 2: Descriptive Words & Phrases

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10 Things to Do When You Aren’t Writing

Hey, guys! Hope your Summer has been enjoyable, inspiring, and productive. During Camp NaNo, one of my biggest struggles was to keep myself interested in my WIP. My plot changed a hundred times. My characters switched personalities. But I knew that deep down at the core of it all, I still had a fantastic story… Continue reading 10 Things to Do When You Aren’t Writing

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Playlist Writing Prompt

Have you ever listened to new song that just resonated with your writerly soul? Maybe you suddenly realized just how great the song was, so you started it over again to pay attention to every word and listen to the story it told. It transported you to another slice of the world, or you felt… Continue reading Playlist Writing Prompt