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Writing Personal Themes

THEME. THEME. THEME. What is a theme, really? And could it be even more important than a plot? It sounds a bit high-concept at times, but when you strip it down to brass tacks, the notion of putting Theme into your writing is just like buying all the Tiki torches, grass skirts, and fruity cocktails… Continue reading Writing Personal Themes

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Crafting 100 Unique Characters (the 3-trait method)

Hi. My name is RJ. I have an addiction to character creation. With over 200 characters in my Big Book of Imaginary People (yes, I do have a real notebook like that,) you can say I might have a problem. Create Quickly When you’re in the first stage of creating a cast for your novel,… Continue reading Crafting 100 Unique Characters (the 3-trait method)